July 31 – NWOACM planning meeting for 2006-07

July 31 2006 – 7:00pm
Venue: BGSU Computer Science, Hayes hall

Purpose will be to wrap up our first year back in existence and plan 2006-2007.

Bring your calendars so that we can pick dates for events. (Even better, select some dates where you can host a meeting.)

Bring suggestions for speakers and other events.

Bring a list of what other groups are doing (student chapters, FANUG, TALUG, IEEE, etc.).

Bring a list of what you want NWOACM to do. Bring a list of what YOU want to do to help. Bring colleagues who have ideas and who want to help continue our revival.

And bring $10 if you are an ACM member, $15 if not, so that you
can pay for 1 year of membership so that we have some money in the

Location: BGSU, Hayes Hall (Building 49 on the campus map), 2nd floor, Computer Science Department, Conference room.