February 21st Social Gathering

The Northwest Ohio chapter of ACM is holding a social gathering at Cucina di Betto’s in Bowling Green on Thursday, February 21, 2008. We will be there from 6:30 to 8:30 enjoying some drinks and dining. Anyone interested in attending, please RSVP to chair at nwoacm.org by 8:00 pm on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 so we can reserve enough seating at the restaurant.

Topic: Whatever suits the mood
Date: February 21, 2008
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where: Cucina di Betto, 121 S. Main St., Bowling Green, OH, 43402

December 20th social gathering

The Northwest Ohio chapter of ACM is holding a social gathering at Cucina di Betto’s in Bowling Green on Thursday, December 20, 2007. We will be there from 6:30 to 8:30 enjoying some drinks and dining. Anyone interested in attending, please RSVP to chair at nwoacm.org by 8:00 pm on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 so we can reserve enough seating at the restaurant.

Topic: Whatever suits the mood
Date: December 20, 2007
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where: Cucina di Betto, 121 S. Main St., Bowling Green, OH, 43402

NWOACM Social Gathering

The NWOACM is holding a Social Gathering at Cucina di Betto in Bowling Green, OH on Thursday, October 18, 2007. This gathering will be from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm and will be open to any ACM member and their guests.

Let us know if you’re going to attend – send a message to chair AT nwoacm DOT org

Topic: Whatever suits the mood
Date: October 18, 2007
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where: Cucina di Betto • 121 S. Main St. • Bowling Green, OH • 43402

Software Freedom Day – Toledo

Software Freedom Day: September 15th, 2007 is a world wide day of
awareness for free and open source software. The Toledo celebration
of Software Freedom Day will be an interactive seminar open to the
general public at the West Toledo Branch Public Library from 12:00 to
3:00 PM.

Are you:
** Fed up with battling with viruses and spy-ware?
** Tired of paying high prices for software that doesn’t suit your needs?
Then Software Freedom Day is exactly what you need!

Presentations and demonstrations of free and open source software will
be given on a rotating basis throughout the afternoon, each lasting
about 10 minutes. Topics include: What is Free and Open Source
Software?, Multimedia Programs, Office Programs, Web-surfing Programs,
What is Linux?, and yes… Games!

During Software Freedom Day 2007, computer CD-ROMs with the latest
versions of the best free and open source software will be available
free of charge. These high-quality programs are designed for Microsoft
Windows users, are available completely free of charge, and contain
everything you need to get started. Why not give them a try?!?

Free and Open Source Software consists of programs written by computer
users, for computer users. Now you too can join the growing free
software movement and set your computer free!

For more information, see http://softwarefreedomday.org/ and

The Toledo edition of Software Freedom Day has been made possible by
members of talug.org, a group of local computer enthusiasts who wish
to help the community get and use free and open source programs.
Visit us online at http://talug.org/.

Agile Software Development at KeyCorp

Location: Hayes 117, BGSU, Bowling Green, Ohio
Thomas Seffernick (CSM, PMP), Dev Support – Agile Project Coaching, KeyCorp

KeyCorp (Key), based in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the nation’s largest bank-based financial services companies with assets over $95 billion, employing about 20,000 people in more than 940 branches and other businesses across 45 states. KeyCorp also has a national and international presence in many non consumer financial products.

Mr. Seffernick leads the Agile Project Coaching Team, part of the Development Support Center within KeyCorp’s Technology Development Group, whose mission is to “Help Development Build Better Software Faster.” His team is responsible for Agile Practice Thought Leadership, coaching teams in the use of Agile practices, and championing the organization change aspects of Agile development. His team interacts with project teams, all levels of technology management, and industry experts. In this presentation, Tom will introduce KeyCorp’s technology environment, describe the Agile development at KeyCorp, and discuss how Agile Software Development enable what motivates developers.

Tom Seffernick is a 1986 Graduate of BGSU’s Computer Science program, and a 1993 graduate of Cleveland State University with a MBA in Marketing. The last 17 years of his career have given him experience in Project Management, Process Development & Management, Quality Management, Project Portfolio Management, Software Measurements, and recently Scrum & Agile Development Practices.

Sponsored by BGSU ACM student chapter.

Peter Brusilovsky, Adaptive hypermedia, BGSU, November 30th

The BGSU Computer Science Department, New Media and Emerging Technology Initiative, and College of Technology are hosting a visiting scholar, Dr. Peter Brusilovsky, one of the foremost experts in adaptive hypertext. We would be very pleased if you could join us on Thursday, 11/30 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in Room 208 of the Student Union (the BGSU Family room just off the Bowling Greenery) for lunch and discussion.

Peter Brusilovsky has been working in the area of information technology for 15 years. Since 1993 he has participated in the development of several adaptive Web-based instructional systems including ELM-ART and InterBook. Adaptive hypermedia is an extension of hypertext that includes graphics, animation, audio, and video. It engages students in the learning process and enables them to fully control and collaborate in the educational process and access broader arrays of information. Ex: video-conferencing. Later Dr. Brusilovsky was involved in developing practical Web-based courses and systems as a Director of Computer Managed Instruction at Carnegie Technology Education. Currently he continues his research on adaptive Web-based instructional systems, adaptive hypermedia, and user modeling as a professor of Information Science and Intelligent systems at the University of Pittsburgh.

World Usability Day 2006, November 14, 2006

Northwest Ohio celebration of World Usability Day!

Start time: 7:30pm (EST)

Finish time: 9:30pm (EST)

Event Location: Cucina di Betto, 121 South Main St., Bowling Green, OH

Have drinks and dinner with others in the area interested in usability. Discuss what World Usability Day means to each individual. Hear stories from others who attended webcasts and who attended nearby WUD events (such as the conference in Michigan).

The event takes place at Cucina di Betto, an Italian restaurant.

One World Usability Day t-shirt will be given away.

How do I get there?

Downtown Bowling Green. Use the Bowling Green exit of I-75, proceed west (on Wooster Street) to Main Street. The restaurant is on the southeast block of Main and Wooster.

There is street parking but your best bet will be the large parking lot behind the restaurant.

Go UPSTAIRS at the restaurant and look for the NWOACM sign.


RSVP for this event by sending an email to chair at nwoacm.org. If you need an accommodation for accessibility, please include details.

Please RSVP to make sure we have enough room at the restaurant.

Social meeting – October 11

The next meeting of the Northwest Ohio Chapter of the ACM will be a social meeting.

Topic: Whatever anyone wants to talk about.
Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Time: 7:30 – 9:30
Where: Cucino di Betto

For this social meeting we will be on the main floor for Cucino di Betto’s. This social is open to any ACM member, student or professional. The full menu will be available for purchase from.

July 31 – NWOACM planning meeting for 2006-07

July 31 2006 – 7:00pm
Venue: BGSU Computer Science, Hayes hall

Purpose will be to wrap up our first year back in existence and plan 2006-2007.

Bring your calendars so that we can pick dates for events. (Even better, select some dates where you can host a meeting.)

Bring suggestions for speakers and other events.

Bring a list of what other groups are doing (student chapters, FANUG, TALUG, IEEE, etc.).

Bring a list of what you want NWOACM to do. Bring a list of what YOU want to do to help. Bring colleagues who have ideas and who want to help continue our revival.

And bring $10 if you are an ACM member, $15 if not, so that you
can pay for 1 year of membership so that we have some money in the

Location: BGSU, Hayes Hall (Building 49 on the campus map), 2nd floor, Computer Science Department, Conference room.