July 31 planning meeting notes


  • Mike Brinkman, president
  • Keith Instone, secretary
  • Steve Stiles, treasurer
  • Julie Barnes
  • Larry Dunning
  • Mark Chandler

1. We are all set for another year of existence from an ACM standpoint
– we have completed the annual report and such.

2. Most in attendance paid their annual dues = $10 for ACM members.

3. Mike is in charge of finding a local restaurant (probably in the BG
area) for regular social / dinner gatherings. We agreed $20 per person
was a good target. Thinking about once every other month. There might
be some discussion topics, but we were thinking mostly using these as
regular meeting times to stay in touch and also an easy way for people
to meet others.

4. We discussed the pros/cons of regular meeting times vs. having
events are various locations in the area. We will try the social /
dinner at regular times / same place but also have “special events”
(like guest speakers) at different locations.

5. Steve will contact the local ACM student chapters to see how they
would like to work with us. Ideas: Each student chapter takes a turn
hosting a NWOACM event (a joint student and professional chapter
event). Or, NWOACM puts on an event for students (e.g. a Saturday
morning “conference” or a practice job interview session where students
write resumes and apply for fake jobs, are interviewed and get feedback
on how they did).

6. We will continue to look for opportunities to have joint meetings
with related local groups. Starting list of people / organizations to
talk to –

Steve – FANUG
Mike – TALUX
Keith – MOCHI

7. We would like to have 2 “big events” this year. Invited speakers,
large attendance. Our Adobe speaker was 150 attendees – we think this
can be repeated, the “market” is there.

Julie / BGSU CS has agreed to host the first. Aiming for early/mid
November – possibly November 14 in conjunction with World Usability
Day. Keith to start looking for speakers.

We think U of T in the spring would be ideal for the other big event.

8. We need a new web site that makes it easy for us to add news,
announcements, blog entries and the like. Mark has agreed to help.