Peter Brusilovsky, Adaptive hypermedia, BGSU, November 30th

The BGSU Computer Science Department, New Media and Emerging Technology Initiative, and College of Technology are hosting a visiting scholar, Dr. Peter Brusilovsky, one of the foremost experts in adaptive hypertext. We would be very pleased if you could join us on Thursday, 11/30 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in Room 208 of the Student Union (the BGSU Family room just off the Bowling Greenery) for lunch and discussion.

Peter Brusilovsky has been working in the area of information technology for 15 years. Since 1993 he has participated in the development of several adaptive Web-based instructional systems including ELM-ART and InterBook. Adaptive hypermedia is an extension of hypertext that includes graphics, animation, audio, and video. It engages students in the learning process and enables them to fully control and collaborate in the educational process and access broader arrays of information. Ex: video-conferencing. Later Dr. Brusilovsky was involved in developing practical Web-based courses and systems as a Director of Computer Managed Instruction at Carnegie Technology Education. Currently he continues his research on adaptive Web-based instructional systems, adaptive hypermedia, and user modeling as a professor of Information Science and Intelligent systems at the University of Pittsburgh.

World Usability Day 2006, November 14, 2006

Northwest Ohio celebration of World Usability Day!

Start time: 7:30pm (EST)

Finish time: 9:30pm (EST)

Event Location: Cucina di Betto, 121 South Main St., Bowling Green, OH

Have drinks and dinner with others in the area interested in usability. Discuss what World Usability Day means to each individual. Hear stories from others who attended webcasts and who attended nearby WUD events (such as the conference in Michigan).

The event takes place at Cucina di Betto, an Italian restaurant.

One World Usability Day t-shirt will be given away.

How do I get there?

Downtown Bowling Green. Use the Bowling Green exit of I-75, proceed west (on Wooster Street) to Main Street. The restaurant is on the southeast block of Main and Wooster.

There is street parking but your best bet will be the large parking lot behind the restaurant.

Go UPSTAIRS at the restaurant and look for the NWOACM sign.


RSVP for this event by sending an email to chair at If you need an accommodation for accessibility, please include details.

Please RSVP to make sure we have enough room at the restaurant.