Geek Dinner, December 13th

NWOACM will have its next social gathering on December 13th, 5:30pm (time change from 6:30pm), at Packo’s at the Park in downtown Toledo. This will be a “Geek Dinner” where each person is responsible for paying for their own meal/drinks.

This is our main social event for the year, so if you an ACM member in the Toledo region, we invite you to participate. Hopefully we can also get some student ACM members to join us.

The NWOACM Geek Dinner is part of theĀ 2nd Annual Tech Toledo Geek Dinner Mixer, so there will be people from other organization there for you to meet and discuss all manner of technology issues with.

UPDATE: The mixer is part of 3 events on December 13th.

New web site

We are moving from our old and neglected web site to a new one that is easier to neglect. (^:

We saved some of the useful content from the old site, so that is why you see our older content here.